About Me

Hello again!

I’m Tina, I live in Texas and yes it is hot! Almost as hot as the Avon products that are on sale right now! I started this blog to help introduce myself to the public as a new Avon Representative. But I have other interests too.

I have another blog called invisibleillnessesblog.wordpress.com. I suffer from invisible illnesses and find myself unable to function on many days. This is why I decided to sell Avon through the internet instead of trying to go door to door like I have in the past.

Avon has streamlined their business so much that one can sell entirely online. That is my goal. To make some money to help supplement our household income and keep myself busy writing about their fabulous products and keep up with my invisible illnesses blog too.

Maybe I’m stretching myself a little thin, but I want to give this a try. Are you with me? Let’s move some Avon!