Ordering online is easy!

I have ran across some people that do not want to order Avon online because they do not know how. It is so simple to do. But, since they are confused or afraid, I will explain the steps and hopefully spread some enlightenment.

When you go to the website: https://www.avon.com/?rep=tinabrown22, you will see my picture in the upper left corner. On the RIGHT side you will find a place to “SIGN IN”. This is where you will create your account that will be secure for you to shop with Avon from all of the brochures currently available. When you click on “SIGN IN”, you will be taken to an option to create an account. This is a simple process, enter your name, email address and a password that you can remember, and hit “REGISTER”. You are now free to shop.

If you are looking for a specific item, you can type in the name of that item in the “SEARCH” area in the right upper corner and it will pull up all items associated with your search information.

If you prefer to flip through the brochure, just click on the word “BROCHURES” and a variety of brochures will open up and you can select the current brochure, all of the outlet books and the .mark catalog. Just flip through the pages and when you find what you want to order, click on it and it will ask you for a color, if applicable, and add it to your cart. As long as you have an account created, your items in your cart will remain there until the next campaign begins.

I appreciate all business and I hope this helps those that are not familiar with the Avon website.

Also, you can use a pre-paid Visa, or Mastercard if you are afraid to use your debit card. I know some people do not like to use their credit or debit cards for online purchases, so a pre-paid card may be your best option.

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day!

Tina Brown





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