Campaign 17 – Some of the Products I Love

Here are some of the products that I have tried and LOVE!

I use the Barrel Brush every time I blow dry my hair, whether to give it a flip or tuck it under, the Barrel Brush works great.

barrel brush p78p79

Sheer Color Lip Balm leaves just a hint of color while nourishing your lips. I have the darkest color available and you can barely tell I have any color on my lips, but it is just enough to add a slight tint. I love this stuff.

colored lipbalm p48

The Anti-Itch Spray works fantastic on mosquito bites, almost eliminating the itch completely.

anti-itch p200

Keep Clear Shampoo works wonders on dandruff while providing you with soft manageable hair.

keepclearshampoo p78p79

Mystic Rose Collection – Antiqued silvertone with genuine quartz stones. I bought the ring and love it. It fits perfectly and looks great on.

p148 ring






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