Campaign 16 – More Products I Love

Here are more products that I have tried and LOVE!

The Just My Size bra is perfect,  I love the front closure and the support is much better than other brands I have tried, with no wires digging in.

The Unisex Sport Slide has become my ‘go to’ shoe for everyday wear instead of flip-flops. It is a more comfortable shoe and is adjustable for anyone’s arch.

The other products listed on the page speak volumes for themselves. They do the job they are meant to do.

I use the Barrel Brush every time I blow dry my hair, whether to give it a flip or tuck it under, the Barrel Brush works great.

Sheer Color Lip Balm leaves just a hint of color while nourishing your lips. I have the darkest color available and you can barely tell I have any color on my lips, but it is just enough to add a slight tint. I love this stuff.

The Anti-Itch Spray works fantastic on mosquito bites, almost eliminating the itch completely.

Keep Clear Shampoo works wonders on dandruff while providing you with soft manageable hair.

Click on the image to be taken to the exact page they are on.


bra p164 black and white shoes p162

barrel brush p78p79 colored lipbalm p48 anti-itch p200keepclearshampoo p78p79


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