Surgery Update

As most of you may know, I run two blogs. Both are suffering right now. I had surgery last Thursday and it was a wild ride for me. I’ve never been sick after a surgery. I usually wake up, hurt, get pain meds, deal with the pain and adjust my routine for 4 to 6 weeks, but this time was completely different. I woke up nauseated.

I started throwing up right as we pulled into our carport. I was able to jump out of the car and get out from under the carport before it happened. I was so dizzy and weak and did not know what to do with this new adventure.

I was hurting so bad from the surgery and feeling dizzy was not something that usually happens to me after a surgery. They had given me a anti-nausea medication, but it wasn’t working. I hoped it was over and decided to eat something bland. It took about an hour for it to come back up. So I called my favorite paramedic and he brought over some anti-nausea medication and administered it. I was able to rest then and later in the day I was able to eat.

The next morning, I noticed my surgical site was warm to the touch and swollen. I called the doctor and was told to come right in. I did, my husband drove, and I was having a reaction to the steri-strips they applied after surgery. Those were removed and I was sent home with a bandage lain over the incision and fastened with some paper tape.

When we removed the bandage after a day, the places where the tape had been touching were whelped and itchy. So now I have to put on my allergy list that I am allergic to adhesives, so they are careful what types of bandages they use in the future.

My allergy list is long, especially in the antibiotic category. I’m now taking 850mg of amoxicillin because I’m allergic to everything else and it is not a great antibiotic for this type of surgery.

I had an interstim replaced, a generator of electric impulses that fools my brain into thinking my bladder is working correctly. So far, it is doing a good job in that area. I can only hope and pray that my body does not reject it before it is healed. Things are looking good so far, as long as I can keep the tape away, I think I will recover fine, but the pain meds are causing me to sleep a lot and my blogs are suffering.

Please bear with me as I recover from this ordeal.

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Thanks so much!



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