Campaign 12 – Pursue Daily Prompt

I will continue to pursue my Avon business in an effort to complement our household income. I have worked hard bring to sight the sales in the brochure so you do not have to flip through it online. I’ve linked pictures and prices to take you to the page you desire.

I want you to love Avon as much as I do and allow me to be your Avon Representative.

If you want to keep up with discounts only given to email subscribers, please sign up on my contact page stating you want me to add you to my email list. Or go to the Avon estore and  open an account, that will automatically sign you up for emails.

Campaign 12 will be winding down soon, so get your orders in as soon as possible. They will ship out 2 days after you place your order. No waiting until the end of the campaign to get your goodies. And all orders $40 and over ship free!

~Peace – Tina Brown


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