100 Get To Know Me Tag Questions – Answered

One of the sisters over at  https://3sistersabroad.wordpress.com/  has just posted her 100 Get to know me Tag Questions Answered. I thought what a fun way for all my readers to get to know a little bit more about me. I loved reading her answers once you have read mine go over and check hers out. To all of you if you want to do this you can. Do all 100 or some or none. It’s up to you.

Are you a morning or night person?


Are you afraid of the dark?

Depends on what has scared me lately.

Are you an extrovert or introvert?


Are you double jointed?


Are you left or right-handed?

Right handed.

Are you more of a tidy person or a messy one?

I am messy, but I know where everything is in all my mess.

Are you punctual or always late?


Are you ticklish?


Can you curl your tongue?


Can you ice skate?


Can you wiggle your ears?


Coffee or tea?

1 cup of coffee in the morning. Sometimes herbal tea in the evening.

Biscuits (cookies) cake or donuts?


Did you ever participate in a talent show?


Did you go to prom?


Did you like school?


Do you believe in ghosts?

Not sure.

Do you bite your nails?


Whats your favorite gadget

A credit card sized multitool.

Do you consider yourself a good cook?


Do you enjoy dancing?


Do you enjoy DIY or crafts?

Yes, crochet.

Do you forgive easily?


Do you have a nickname?

My husband calls me baby.

Do you have any allergies?


Do you have any phobias?

Yes.  Heights, claustrophobic.

Do you have any piercings or tattoos?

My ears are pierced once.

Do you have children?

Yes, 1 son.

Do you have pets?

Yes 3 dogs.

Do you have siblings?

Not that I claim.

Do you prefer dogs or cats?

Dogs, I’m allergic to cats. 😦

Do you prefer Mac or PC?


Do you prefer the beach or the mountains?


Do you prefer to bath or shower?

Prefer a shower.

Do you sing in the shower?


Do you smoke?


Do you speak any different languages?


Do you still have your wisdom teeth?


Do you still watch cartoons?


Do you/have you played any sports?

Yes, basketball and ran track.

Does your name have a special meaning?

Not that I’m aware of.

Have you ever been hospitalized?

Yes! I have no idea how many times, it has been so so many times.

Have you ever been on a diet?

Yes, I’m currently on a diabetic diet and IC diet.

Have you ever been to a concert?

Yes, ZZ Top and Night Ranger

Have you ever gone camping?

Yes. Love to camp.

Have you ever met any celebrities?

Yes, old time celebrities.

Have you ever skipped class?


Have you ever won something?

Yes, money at a casino

Have you had braces?


How are you feeling right now?

Tired and weak.

How tall are you?

5ft 5 ins

If money were no object what would you get for your next birthday?

A motorcoach.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

Some where up north, Texas is just too hot.

Were you ever a scout or a brownie?


What city were you born in?

Palestine, TX

What did you last eat?

Chicken nuggets.

What did you want to be when you were younger?

A meteorologist.

What do you do on a typical Friday night?

TV and internet.

What is one food that you refuse to eat?


What is one item on your bucket list?

Visit Alaska

What is one item you can’t live without?

My computer

What is your shoe size?

Size 8 US

What movie have you watched repeatedly?

The Cowbooy Way

What phone do you have (Apple or Android)?


What should you be doing right now?

Nothing in particular.

What’s one goal you would like to accomplish this year?

Increase my sales in Avon so it can become a supplemental income instead of a hobby.

What’s one of your pet peeves?

Willfully stupid people…those that refuse to learn.

What’s the last song you’ve listened to?

I do not recall, it was a few days ago in the car, sorry no answer here.

What’s the most expensive item of clothing that you own?

Mink coat.

What’s the thing you can’t leave the house without?

My purse.

What’s your best physical feature?


What’s your Chinese sign?

Rat, I think

What’s your current obsession?

Getting my Avon business running great.

What’s your dream car?

The new Dodge Demon, that hasn’t even made it to dealers yet.

What’s your favourite animal?


What’s your favourite book?

Anything Stephen King writes.

What’s your favourite colour?


What’s your favourite dessert?


What’s your favourite drink?


What’s your favourite food?


What’s your favourite foreign food?


What’s your favourite hobby?


What’s your favourite movie?

The Cowboy Way

What’s your favourite restaurant?

Pizza Hut

What’s your favourite sandwich?

Ham, or Turkey, or Ham, or Turkey…

What’s your favourite season?


What’s your favourite series?

The Walking Dead

What’s your favourite snack?


What’s your favourite sport to watch?


What’s your favourite thing to have for breakfast?


What’s your middle name?


What’s your longest relationship so far?

My marriage 28 years

What’s your lucky number?


What’s your star sign?


When is your birthday?

Sept. 27

Which city did you grow up in?

Palestine, TX

Which city do you live in now?


Who do you miss right now?

My Mom, she passed in 2014

Who is your celebrity crush?

Jason Statham

Who’s your favourite fictional character?

Too hard to answer, there are too many.



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